Megjelent: Kőszeghy Miklós: Keine Stadt lebt für sich allein

2015. 10. 11. 23:30

Miklós Köszeghy

Keine Stadt lebt für sich allein
Jerusalem und seine Umgebung vor dem babylonischen Exil
AOAT 421
Printed edition 2015 (ISBN: 978-3-86835-149-1): VIII + 225 pages, 82.00 €

Printed edition + e-book 2015 (ISBN: 978-3-86835-150-7): 90.00 €
In this book, the Hungarian historian Miklós Köszeghy approaches the history of Jerusalem not merely as the history of a city as reconstructed on the basis of texts and archaeological evidence, but also against the background of the development of Jerusalem’s environs and the infrastructure necessary for its growth. Geographical conditions in and around Jerusalem have remained largely unchanged through the centuries and millennia, and these conditions must be integrated in any city history in order to account for its economic development and its interaction with its environment. Against this background Köszeghy proposes new interpretations of ancient texts. Along with these interpretations, Köszeghy provides a comprehensive bibliography and an index, which includes all sites mentioned in the book and their coordinates. Maps document Jerusalem’s historical development and the utilization of the city’s hinterland in antiquity, illustrating its progression from the Middle Bronze age through to the Iron age.